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a culturo-cosmic adventure

Just as the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse had their gods, villains, and heroes, Miami now has a legendary saga based on the hyperbolic surrealism that is living in South Florida. You will be introduced to a wholly unique universe with its own, often absurd, deities and norms—much like the city from which it’s inspired, and journey from the beginning of the universe, when Pachango the Creator first awoke on his divine pin pan pun, to when the cubanos and their fellow Latinics quite literally tumbled out of the waves and onto Miami’s shores. Along the way, you’ll learn answers to deep existential questions, such as: Where do croquetas come from? Who is the god of chisme? And why is everyone late to everything?

Racists Upset that Some Hispanics Look White

“I gathered you today to discuss a topic that’s been bothering me and my brethren,” began Evinger. “As you know, we don’t hate spicks. We just want them to stay in their own spick countries and not pollute the purity of our race with their mongrel, half-jungle bunny, half-injun, half-God-knows-what bloodlines.”

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