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A translation of the most common Miami phrases into English.

I’m parking.I just got out of the shower
I’ll be there in 30 minutesYou’ll never see me again.
The party starts at 9 PM.The party starts at 12 AM.
Stop eating shit.Stop fucking around.
He’s talking shit.He’s talking trash.
I just bought a new Audi.I just leased a used Audi.
Get down from the car.Get out of the car.
I can’t.You’re kidding me.
I can’t even.The fuck is this about?
I really can’t even.I’m about to kill someone.
Like, I really can’t even.I actually killed someone.
I really can’t even right now.I’m about to kill you.
I literally died.I’m fine, but don’t understand the word “literally.”
My boyfriend works in real estate.My boyfriend is unemployed.
I do import-export.I sell drugs.
I’m a Dolphins fan.Life is suffering.
I live in Miami Lakes.I live in Hialeah.
Miami traffic isn’t that bad.I’ve never been west of SW 2nd Avenue.
I love South Beach.I’m a compulsive liar.
Che Guevara was a great man.I want to get beat up today.
I love the cold.I think 65 degrees is cold weather.
Brito’s art is great.I’m a tasteless fool.
We need more highway construction.Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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